About Us

A Welcoming Episcopal Community

Incarnation Holy Sacrament Church is a community of people from all walks of life who come together around the body and blood of the Risen Lord, Jesus who we proclaim as truly God and truly Human. Our community is one that welcomes all people, no matter who they are or where they have been. Christ's mercy and love is for literally everyone. No exceptions.

"When I joined IHS over seven years ago, what drew me to want to be priest here, was that IHS is a church I wanted to join as a member. The multi-generational, child friendly environment was fun and energetic, and it still is today!"

Fr. Benjamin Gildas AF, Rector

Fr. Ben is our Rector, and joined IHS as pastor and priest in 2013. He's known for his warm, personable approach to ministry.

Fr. Ben is known around the Episcopal Church as host of the podcast Priest Pulse and writing on issues like social media engagement, podcasting, divorce, long-distance parenting, family ministry, faith-at-home, and more! Email him fatherbenjamingildas@gmail.com

Blaine Martin, Community Coordinator

Blaine Martin, MFA, serves as our Community Coordinator, resident cooking expert, and one of the leaders of our Saturday Night Strategists Meetup Group.

Joshua Wise, Ph.D., Theologian In Residence

Professor Joshua Wise is our theologian in residence. He shares in preaching duties, consults with Fr. Ben on church matters, and teaches a couple of classes each year for IHS.

Adam Haines, Music Director

Adam Haines brings 18 years of experience as a Church Musician to his leadership at IHS.  Church and music have always been a part of his life, and one of the greatest joys he has is to lead a congregation in meaningful worship. 

As a Pianist, Adam has spent a large part of his career composing contemporary piano music.  He has released two albums, Divine Whispers and Intercessions. Adam is passionate about congregational singing, loves to improvise accompaniment on the piano, and enjoys the majestic tonal mixtures the organ can produce.